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Toilet clean out -- payment first and in cash. Otherwise, no deal.


Topped out toilet with soiled paper - $500



Toilet Clean out




Payment First - Cash Only



Solid Feces Clean out- $400


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  Service available every day for all of Los Angeles unless otherwise occupied helping others. Toilet sewage cleanup services cannot save a carpet soiled by a category 3 sewage discharge, which involves feces.
Toilet Sewage Cleanup Narrative

Los Angeles toilet sewage cleanup means toilet clean out as well. In fact, this page has a toilet cleanouts theme running through it. Although, sewage cleanup in general graces this and other pages found here. Toilet cleanup services follow those practices by a very few people.

Behavior Explained

Most often these people suffer from some sort of mental health issues. Something as mild as a hoarding complex, a strong paranoia, or even schizophrenia may lead to this sort of behavior, paranoid-schizophrenia. If we sought a professional explanation from a psychoanalysts, I'm sure that we'd hear a very rational explanation.

In my experience, toilet sewage cleanup cases arise when the resident goes off their medications. Toilet sewage cleanup calls often involve such incidents. Usually they have little contact with the social world. They remain at home in fear of discovery. They may live with their windows closed year round. They will not allow a plumber to enter. If a plumber finally does reach their toilet, the plumber bows out. Usually, they recommend that the resident find biohazard cleaner like myself, Ed Evans (aka: eddie evans on google.)

Usually a toilet backups. Or it clogs. For some reason, different reasons, some people continue using their toilet. Toilet sewage cleanup follows; eventually their toilet fills to the brim. Once filled, they may begin using a bucket. Some continue using the same toilet while adding toilet paper to the toilet's human feces pile. Now they become ashamed, paranoid, or very confused.

Feces dries out, partially. Before long, options for toilet cleanup close. Either remove the toilet with its contents, a risky maneuver, or drain the toilet and clean it for removal or further use. Usually further use makes sense. Although newer toilets use less water, some of them come with a more forceful flow.

Readers with these toilet problems may questions my prices. My prices reflect my cost of doing business as a biohazard cleanup company. Biohazard cleanup comes under the janitorial and sanitation industry's heading. As such, I pay biohazard cleanup insurance, vehicle insurance, telephone, Internet advertising, and many other common business expenses. My Internet marketing costs run thousands of dollars per year. Not for toilet sewage cleanup, alone. Just this morning, May 3, 2016, I paid $43 dollors to renew my toilet sewage cleanup web sites.

Why? Because our Los Angeles and Orange County Government's coroner and public guardian offices have a monopoly over death cleanup. I prefer death cleanu to toilet sewage cleanup. Death cleanup pays multiples more than toilet sewage cleanup; plus, toilet sewage cleanup carries a stigma like that attached to feces cleanup.

Because of their first contact with homicide victims' families, they can and do send these families to employee companies. This conflict of interest is unethical. It may also be against the law. From my own experience of the last 10 years, I've learned that Los Angeles coroner employees go along to get along. Or, they take an active part in screwing over bereaved families. See Orange County Consumer Fraud for more.

Readers also find that I have a fairly large Internet footprint for biohazard cleanup. These Internet listings all do their part when it comes to keeping my business lights on.

It happens, too, that feces cleanup of any sort creates the more repugnant type of cleaning. I would rather cleanup a murder-suicide before doing a feces cleanup. Toilet cleanup has the same standing in my work, but I do it. These matters will help explain my prices.

Besides, the going rate for toilets of the type seen above go for $350 to $500 anyway. If there's a carpet involved with these clean outs, I will take it along with its padding. Its removal comes with the quoted price.


Toilet Feces Cleanup

Toilet feces cleanup follows simple to complex toilet misuse. It requires protective equipment. Feces vacuums require electricity and water. The toilet bowl itself often requires special chemical solutions for pretreatment. Overall, disinfecting the toilet and surrounding areas begins toilet sewage cleanup. As cleaning continues, more solutions and decontamination added to the process keep it safer and cleaner.

Experience at this sort of work often means the difference between a cleaner, safer cleanup and an amateur's mistakes. All mistakes in feces cleanup bring a special, emotional turmoil unlike any other known by this writer.

Water Categories

Water damage and restoration expects, health departments, and others classify water into three categories. Category 1 represents clean water; category 2 represents water significantly contaminated, and category 3 water represents water contaminated by pathogens, germs.

Category 1 Water Cleanup

We risk little in the presence of category 1 water. It comes from a sanitary source. It does not cause damage or illness to our skin, digestive track, or eye, nose, throat or lungs. Usually we find category 1 water where its not needed because pipes break. Sometimes pipes leak. We know for certain that refrigerator ice maker's hoses begin to leak, given time.

We find sinks overflowing when drains become plugged and we fail to watch water levels in sinks and bathtubs. A toilet tank may also allow unwanted clean water onto a floor if it's intake hose cracks or fails at its connection point.

Outdoors, melting ice and snow give us our category 1 water where it belongs. have no Once clean water, category 1 water reaches a floor or the ground, it becomes category 2 water.

Category 2 Water Cleanup

Clean water contact with the soil or other matter leads to an infectious waste cleanup. Where unwanted water drained previously, its soiled properties may remain, in part. Thus, it adds to the quality of new sources of water soiling.

Usually, water's odors tell that it has met a category 2 or category 3 standard of contamination. Water from outdoor toilets, hospital rooms and facilities, morgues, and elsewhere reach these standards quickly. We find category 2 water hosts legions of flourishing microorganisms. Oftentimes we find this type of water between walls, in puddles just below our sub floors, and outdoors along walls in contact with indoor water flow.

Similar to a blood cleanup, the cleanliness of a home or other buildings plays a part in the quantity of microorganisms and their growth. We most often find these quality indicators following suicides that become. So we see the similarities between water damage restoration work and crime scene cleanup work.

Category 3 Water Cleanup

One more note here should help make clear what's going on with water categories related to their risks and such. A category 3 water discharge may contain hazardous materials. Hazardous materials may contain anything from paint, battery acid, or even nuclear waste water from San Onofre. It just goes to show that water may become less friendly depending upon what it comes into contact.

For certain, a sewer backup through a walk in shower, through a toilet, or broken sewage line equals a category 3 water discharge. There's no doubt about this one. It's called a black water discharge because it often looks black and brown.

Los Angeles Toilet Cleaning

Toilet cleaning of a magnitude category 3, mentioned above, has some sever infectious waste hazards associated with it. Although not biohazards in the strictest sense, unless we have human blood present, toilet cleanup requires patience, personal protection, and a strong stomach. Because Los Angeles County has millions of toilets, thousands of these toilets will overflow.

Toilet sewage cleanup after a toilet overflow leads to a certain type of cleaning. Cleaning after of human feces soiled toilet of the magnitude in the above pictures, this requires another approach. So let's look at a clear definition of cleaning to get a handle on what we mean by cleaning.


The traditional activity of removing contaminants, pollutants and undesired substances from an environment or surface to reduce damage or harm to human health or valuable materials. Cleaning is the process of locating, identifying, containing, removing and properly disposing of unwanted substances from an environment or material. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration

Less formally, scrubbing, rinsing, and scrubbing and rinsing again. Repeating these steps is cleaning. It's cleaning so long as the residue of this process gets extracted and placed in a suitable place or container. In the case of toilet cleanup. We must begin extraction soon after cleaning begins. In fact, extraction of human poop may be seen as toilet cleaning in the context used on this page.






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